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1.Play music
2.Voice recording
3.Using FM radio
4.Play videos
5.Reading documents
6.Browsing pictures


Connecting to PC: High speed USB 2.0(Read 1000K Byte,Write 800K Byte)
Memory: 8GB Flash
Power Supply: Max 6 hours play mode
Voice Recorder: Sample rate: 8KHz; Format: WAV(32K bps),ACT?8K bps); Time: 35 hours(ACT, 128M Flash)
MP3,WMA,WMV: Max,Output: (L)10mW+ (R) 10mW(32Ohm); MP3 Bit rate: 8K
bps- 320K bps;WMA,WMV,Bit rate: 5 K bps- 384K bps; Freq Response: 20Hz
to 20 KHz; SNR: 85dB;
FM Radio: Freq Range: 76MHz - 90MHz./ 87MHz - 108MHz; Max Stored
Channels: 20 + 20; Max Output: (L) 10 mW + ( R) 10mW(32Ohm);SNR:45 dB
Supported Music Formats: MP1,MP2,MP3,WMA,WMV,ASF,WAV,AMV
Operate Temperature: -5 to 40 degree
Lauguages DisplayL Simp Chinese,English,Trad Chinese,Japanese,Korean,Italian etc
Supported System: Windows 98/SE/ME/2K/XP,Mac OS 10, Linux 2.4.2

Package included: (May Not In Original Package)

1 X Small bag
1 X MP4
1 X USB TO 30 Pin adapter
1 x User guider
1 x Earphone
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