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10/20A 12/24V PWM Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller Auto Dual USB

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1.Battery Voltage: 12V/24V auto
2.USB output: 5V/2/3A
3.Self comsume:<10mA
4.Charge Current: 10/20A
5.Discharge Current: 10/20A
6.Working Temperature: -35°C to 60°C
7.Application: Home, Industrial, Commercial
8.Float Charge: 13V.7default,adjustable
9.Discharge stop:10.7Vdefault,adjustable
10.Discharge reconnect:12.6Vdefault,adjustable
11.LED display
12.PWM battery charging
13.All necessary protections equipped
14.Adjustable controlling parameter of the system

1.Solar controller has specifically designed to meet the needs of the rural electrification market.
2.The low cost resultedusing the latest electronic technology and high volume manufacturing.
3.We are reputable trader of solar charge controllers,power inverters,and solar power systems. All our products are designed for high quality and high reliability. The controller has a low failure rate and will last a long time.
4.The solar controllers are built-in electronic fused that do not require replacements.
5.The solar controlers electronics are protected with moisture-tight coating, minimizing damagehumidity andnesting insects.
6.Solar controller is fully automatic and requires no adjustments or user selections.

Package Includes:
1 x Solar Charge Controller
1 x User Manual
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